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Degray is a music producer currently based in Barcelona, Spain. Drawing inspiration from a range of diverse artists, including Gorillaz, Massive Attack, Nirvana, and Radiohead, Degray creates a unique sound that blends elements of hip hop and rock with electronic textures and effects. Degray releases music under his own name and collaborates with a rotating cast of vocalists to bring his sonic vision to life. 

In addition to his innovative approach to music production, Degray also places a strong emphasis on the visual aesthetics of his work. He has blended visual storytelling with his musical releases, creating a cohesive artistic vision that extends beyond just the music itself. Whether it's through music videos, album artwork, or live performances, Degray strives to create a complete sensory experience for his audience. This commitment to visual storytelling further showcases his creativity.

Born and raised in a rural environment surrounded by nature, Degray’s passion for music developed from an early age. He began producing music for TV and film at 17 years old, gaining recognition for his work with appearances on syndicated TV shows around the world. After moving from Madrid to Barcelona, Degray started producing electronic music and DJing, focusing on Techno and Ambient genres.

His electronic music releases have been featured on MixMag, XLR8R, and other publications, and have received rotation from some of the biggest DJs and radio stations worldwide.

Following a period of isolation, Degray returned to his musical roots and began collaborating with artists from various styles. This creative exploration allowed him to break free from the constraints of genres, Degray’s music is unbound and defies definition, as he fearlessly blends together diverse musical elements to create a sound that is uniquely his own.

Reject Definitions.